How People vs Why People

I've attended four colleges and have successfully completed three semesters at Payap University. Every time I quit I would wonder why people would subject themselves to these mediocre educational experiences. Why would they not seek the education they needed or wanted at the library or on the internet?

I've realized most people that are willing to seek education on their own are why-people. Why-people see the overall vision. They are more likely to be CEO's and leaders. They dream a concept and leave it to someone else to implement. The details of how to implement it are left to how-people.

The how bores and frustrates why-people. When how-people start talking about the details, why people switch off and become completely uninterested. But businesses couldn't run without how-people. They are the ones with spreadsheets and log books and other things that make the businesses work.

In Payap's Academic Writing class students are asked to do original research for their final paper. To better understand we were given a group assignment - create a survey. But what to survey? I decided to inquire about Payap student's entrepreneurial aspirations. We decided to make a survey to determine how many people wanted to own businesses and how many did not. We needed other random data also to make the survey complete and academic (what ever that means). A discussion ensued for the better part of half an hour. I was more frustrated than I can say. I was unable to understand why it mattered if we asked the sex, birthday, nationality or education level of the surveyed. I tuned out and walked away from the group.

If you were born a why-person, don't let school turn you into a how-person. The world needs why-people too.