Ramkhamhaeng University

Ramkhamhaeng University's International building in Bangkok Thailand
Ramkhamhaeng University IIS Building
It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Payap University. I'm not enrolled there anymore—I transfered to Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok—but if you've spent any time on this blog you'll learn that I didn't like the administration, the teachers or the campus.

But that's all changed.

Ramkhamhaeng University is on another level of incompetence. I don't have words for how bad it is and I've yet to meet another student who doesn't have the same bad things to say.

Bangkok Immigration Office

My 90-day check-in was due recently but I had no idea where the immigration office was in Bangkok. I did a search but was still unsure. After some more digging I found that the office had recently moved, explaining the conflicting information on the web. It's now inconveniently located in the north of the city away from anything expats or tourists are likely to frequent.

Tony Joh of Thai-FAQ has a great video on the topic:

Photo Tour of Payap University

I recently found a photo tour of Payap University by a Thai blogger and it inspired me to do the same. Below are some photos of Payap University in Chiang Mai Thailand. If you'd like to see the Thai bloggers tour you can check it out here.

Payap University Photo Tour

Payap University Thailand