Photo Tour of Payap University

I recently found a photo tour of Payap University by a Thai blogger and it inspired me to do the same. Below are some photos of Payap University in Chiang Mai Thailand. If you'd like to see the Thai bloggers tour you can check it out here.

Payap University Photo Tour

Payap University Thailand

University Thailand

University Chiang Mai

Payap University Chiang Mai

Study Abroad Thailand

Semester Abroad Thailand

Study in Thailand

Study in Chiang Mai

Note that all the nice pictures above are from the "Thai side" of campus. The international school is somewhat isolated, not shaded and not as aesthetically pleasing.

Semester in Thailand

Chiang Mai International House
International Dorm

Women's Dorm
Women's Dorm

Payap Chiangmai Men's Dorm
Men's Dorm

Payap University Chiang Mai Thailand

The Payap University Cafeteria, or canteen as it's commonly called:

Payap University Cafeteria

Payap Thailand Canteen

A more realistic view of Payap:

Payap Parking
More of the campus looks like this than the above. No shade and uninspiring.

Payap Teacher Parking
Teacher Parking at the international building—with shade.

Payap University Student Parking
Student Parking—sans shade.