The 10-20-30 Rule (or how not to suck)

If you've ever taken a class with me or been privy to any lectures I've given, you'll notice something about my presentation slides. They don't have words. Sometimes when I can't find a picture to transfer emotion I will leave the slides blank. And only on rare occasion will I add a word or two - never sentences and definitely no paragraphs.

Since the public speaking classes at Payap are all but useless I'm sure you've never heard any of the info on the below video. Please listen carefully, students and teachers. No one likes your presentations or lectures. Guy Kawasaki will give some tips for your improvement.

A quick note on some things Guy didn't cover. Many people tell me that they are nervous before and during a speech. I'll talk later about why this is the case but for now...

If you're too nervous to remember your material and decide to bore me by reading it, there are two possible problems. Either you don't know the material or you have insufficient experience before an audience. To combat the inexperience I'm hoping to start a speech club at Payap. If you're interested in participating send me an email. The more names we have the more likely we are to get approval. Barring approval we'll just meet in the library.

We'll loosely follow the Toastmasters format and cover things like how to remember your material, how to improve your posture, diction, nerves and in general how to not suck.

(Update: The club never materialized.)