Payap University: Dorm Alternatives

Payap University Dorms have some draw backs. We know you'll have a roommate and the dorms are expensive. But let's look at the costs of the dorms before we discuss the alternatives.

Payap University Dorm Costs

At 18,200 baht per semester you're paying 4,550 per month not including utilities. And yes, breakfast and dinner are included but consider this: Most off campus "dorms" cost about 2,000-4,000 baht per month.

University DormDorm Alternative
Base Rent4,5502,500
Food 13403300
Total 58905800

Looking at the table above the Payap Dorms and a dorm off-campus are very similar in overall price, but remember the "Payap University Dorm" column is with room-mate and the "Dorm Alternative" column is without room-mate.

Payap University Dorm Alternatives

There are many apartments close to Payap University but for this article we'll discuss only dorm alternatives. That is something akin to a dorm in size and cost. A one-room, studio apartment with no kitchen and few amenities.

Very few places include water, electricity or other utilities in the price. Most have hot water showers and some have air-conditioning. Save P & S Mansion, none of these dorm alternatives have websites.

What's the difference between the 2,000 baht room and a 4,000 baht room? Usually size and sometimes cleanliness. I pay 4,000 per month. I have a larger room and a larger bathroom than average. I'm also in a smaller building of only three floors—read: easier to keep clean. Usually at the 4,000 baht range you get air-conditioning and a refrigerator. But that doesn't mean you can't find these at the lower end.

The photos below are from Racha Mansion—a large green building very close to campus. It's seven floors and probably three-to-four times as many rooms as my building. I've got two janitors and Racha has one. The difference in cleanliness is noticeable, but their rooms start at 2,200 with air-conditioning.

dorm alternative near payap university

dorm alternative near payap university

dorm alternative bathroom near payap university

There are also many girl-only dorms close to Payap. I don't know what they look like inside or what they cost but I'm sure they are very similar in size and price. The only thing I do know, most of the women's-only apartments have much nicer exteriors.

As you exit campus—the exit closest to the bank—you'll see a 7-eleven on the left. Behind this 7-eleven is where the "Payap neighborhood" starts. The only way to find a place in this neighborhood is on foot. If you see a building you like, ask the staff if they have a free room. If they have a free room ask how much it costs and if you can see it.

On your tour of the building ask about the lease terms. Some places do three month leases, some longer and some will allow month-to-month. If you've just arrived in Thailand get a short lease. Once you've looked around and made some friends they will be able to advise you about better buildings/neighborhoods or maybe you'll want to move into a condo or house.
If you are reading this years after the publish date, these prices will likely change—please don't email me about it.