Women Only Dorms: Blessing Place

I went to america for a visit after my first year at Payap. I checked out of my apartment when I left intending to find a better place when I returned. I had seen an apartment building close to school with flowering vines climbing the height of the building and thought it was nicer looking and should be cooler—and it is.

But I can't live there. It's a female only dorm. Guys aren't allowed into the rooms but they made an exception so I could take some photos. Here are the details.

Base Rent: 2,500/month

Deposit: 1,000 plus one month's rent—total move-in cost 6,000 baht

Lease Terms: 6 months or 1 year

Electricity: 6/unit
Water: 100 per person, per month
Internet: 200/month

The rooms are large for the price. There's enough counter space for a burner so you could have a small kitchen but there's only a bathroom sink for washing dishes.

The ceilings are high and there are plants outside to keep the temperatures down.

This dorm is close to Payap University and 7-11.

It's unlikely you'll need air conditioning but if you do, you'll need to find another dorm. The Blessing Place has no rooms with A/C.

Phone Number: 053.304.888

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