Payap University vs Prince of Songkla University

One thing I hope to do with Payap Blog is compare universities in Thailand. A former Payap student, who wishes to remain anonymous, compares his experience at Payap University and Prince of Songkla University.
Enter Student:
Prince of Songkla University consistently ranks in the top-ten best universities in Thailand according to The Wiki.

Prince of Songkla is more difficult to get into than Payap. They have an entrance interview and all students, native English speakers or not, must take a TOEIC exam.

The international program is not as developed as Payap's. I'm in all international classes that should be taught in English, but much of it is taught in Thai. I look at it as an advantage because it forces me to learn new vocabulary, but for someone who doesn't speak Thai it would make learning very difficult.

Also, just like Payap, every international program has some sort of internship program, which must be completed to graduate. From what I understand it is done over summer break.

For U.S. military, Veterans Affairs has approved two of the International programs for GI Bill benefits, both in the Hotel and Tourism Faculty. There is no VA representative like at Payap, which means you'll be doing all the paperwork yourself.

Tuition is 80,000 baht per term for undergraduate programs. I'm not sure how much of that is for tuition and how much is for other fees. Unlike Payap, Prince of Songkla's bill doesn't itemize the fees.

I like Prince of Songkla more because:
  • I like Phuket more than Chiang Mai. No Pollution. Lots of ocean.
  • PSU offers a Thai Studies bachelor degree, which is way more interesting to me compared to the International Business Management program at Payap.

I like Payap University more because:
  • Cheaper cost of living in Chiang Mai.
  • Cheaper cost of tuition.
  • Better international student support system (webpage, contacts are clearly defined)
  • Classes are actually taught in English.