How vs Why Explained

I was speaking to a friend about the How People vs Why People article and understand there may be some confusion. So I think an illustration is in order...

I am a why-person. I think this is why Payap University frustrates me so. Although to be fair I'm sure any university would frustrate me - university professors are often how-people and expect you to be a how-person also.

Some years ago I was living in Chico California. The coffee shop culture of the Pacific Northwest was moving south and a sign was posted about the opening of a new Dutch Bros Coffee. The sign read: The Dutch are coming.

I had been working on the idea of a coffee shop for months. I called it The Boston Tea Party Coffee House. I'd decided on the tag line serving coffee since 1773. After seeing the sign for the Dutch Brothers store I thought I could have signs announcing "the red coats are coming."

I couldn't be bothered with the how-details of financing, permits and other legal BS. How to run a coffee shop and actually running a coffee shop is not in me. The initial concept, the marketing, the promotion - those things I can do.

Some months after electing a fiscally liberal government in the 2008 elections, a grass roots political party was formed in the states. They called themselves the Tea Party. What better place for the Tea Party to meet then the Boston Tea Party Coffee House? If only I had a how business partner...

And that's why I'm a blogger and Payap University student and not the prosperous proprietor of a coffee house.